Start date: August 28, 2023
End date: September 4, 2023
All-day event

This week, leading up to Labor Day 2023 (August 28th-September 1st) marks two distinct weeks of advocacy on behalf of workers:

  1. Heat Stress Action Week, organized by our partner National COSH with Public Citizen
    • Did you know?
      • Heat illness affects both indoor and outdoor workers, and can occur during any time of year–not just during heat waves.
      • Black and Brown workers, and low-income workers are disproportionately affected by heat stress on the job.
    • If you want to protect workers:
      • sign their petition to pass a bill to ensure workers have access to water, rest, shade, and other basic needs during dangerously hot days and in poorly climate-controlled indoor work environments.
      • spread the petition on social media — along with their worker story video.
  2. Labor Rights Week, hosted by the U.S. Department of Labor in collaboration with the Mexican Embassy and its network of 52 consulates and other US federal labor agencies
    • If you want to advocate for labor rights in the U.S. (of American and migrant workers), please visit the Department of Labor’s LRW social media toolkit page with key messages in English and Spanish.
    • Feel free to use this example post:
      • “Do you work in the United States? Whatever your age, wherever you’re from, you have rights. Learn more: #LaborRightsWeek”

How are you observing Labor Day 2023? Let us know on social media @healthyworknow or email us at .

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