The Healthy Work Campaign (HWC) Team is an expansion of the Center for Social Epidemiology’s research group and is composed of key leaders, collaborators and advisors—all of whom are passionate about understanding social problems, helping people, and making #healthywork the norm in the U.S. Each member is essential to making our mission a reality.

Strategy, Content, & Support:

Maria Doctor, Project Manager

Maria Judice (Indigo Impact), Impact Strategist

Amy Turner, Website Developer

Leah Nichols, Graphic Designer

Cass Ben-Levi, Education Outreach Consultant

Donald Goldmacher, Media & Film Advisor

Special thanks to:

Linda Delp, UCLA LOSH

Jill Markowitz, Markowitz Consulting

Ken Nowack, Envisia Learning

Joe Robinson, Optimal Performance Strategies

Dorothy Wigmore, WigmoreRising.CA

John Oudyk, (OHCOW)

Laura Punnett, Center for the Promotion of Health in the New England Workplace (U. Mass., Lowell)

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