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4-27-23 – Workers Memorial Day Press Release Featured in News Outlets

On April 27th, we released our latest press release: This Workers Memorial Day, the Healthy Work Campaign Urges Businesses to Prevent Harmful Work Stress by Using the Healthy Work Survey.

The press release features early on: “On April 28Workers Memorial Day, the Healthy Work Campaign reminds us there are more than 120,000 deaths caused by work stress every year…The Healthy Work Campaign launched an important new tool, the Healthy Work Survey, to address this crisis.”

This press release was featured in Yahoo!, MarketWatch, Benzinga, Facility Executive, and others.

3-17-23 – Healthy Work Survey Featured in Yahoo! Finance
3-17-23 – Healthy Work Survey Featured in Yahoo! Finance

Press release: On March 15th, Yahoo! Finance published “Solutions to the Workplace Mental Health Crisis in America: What the U.S. Surgeon General’s Report and the Healthy Work Campaign Want You to Know Today” (from PR Newswire). And today, PR Newswire included it in their “This Week in Health News: 13 Stories You Need to See.”

The article begins with reminding readers “when stressed doctors and nurses took their lives–at the height of the COVID pandemic” and describes the Healthy Work Survey as “a vital first step towards enabling changes to make work safer and healthier.”

To take the Healthy Work Survey as an individual or learn about the Survey for Organizations, visit To access the Survey for Organizations, complete this form.

3-17-23 – ITF Publishes Report by Dr. Paul Landsbergis & Global Researchers
3-17-23 – ITF Publishes Report by Dr. Paul Landsbergis & Global Researchers

The COVID-19 pandemic only worsened what was already a stressful, insecure & unsafe job for workers in public transport.

Thus, the International Transport Workers’ Federation commissioned a research study on the working conditions & mental health of public transport workers in 7 countries.

The study was directed by HWC Research Associate, Paul Landsbergis, and a team of researchers and transport unions in 7 countries including our very own Viviola Gómez.

The study report includes:
– “A Day in the Life of a Bus Driver” written by our nonprofit, The Center for Social Epidemiology:…/a-day-in-the-life-of-a-bus…/

– links to 5 HWC summaries re: programs & policies designed to reduce stress among bus drivers from…/healthy-work-strategies/

2-9-23 – PACEs Podcast Interview – Dr. Dobson & Mark Van Landuyt
2-9-23 – PACEs Podcast Interview – Dr. Dobson & Mark Van Landuyt

Today, Healthy Work Campaign Director Dr. Marnie Dobson and Director of Outreach Projects Mark Van Landuyt participated in a podcast interview:

History. Culture. Trauma. – Burnout, Stress & the Great Resignation

Matthew Portell hosted this compelling conversation, sponsored by by PACEs Connection. (PACEs stands for positive & adverse childhood experiences.)

PACEs Connection, an ever-growing social network, connects those who are implementing trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science. The network’s 40,000+ members share their best practices, while inspiring each other to grow the PACEs movement.

We are truly grateful to the PACEs staff for this opportunity. But we don’t want the conversation to end there. Please listen to this interview and let us know what you think! Your voice matters.

1-19-23 – Dr. Paul Landsbergis & Colleagues Publish APHA Policy Document on Decent Work

Today, the American Public Health Association (APHA) published a Nov. 2022 policy document titled “Support Decent Work for All as a Public Health Goal in the United States.”*

As stated in the abstract:

The International Labour Organization defines decent work as work that is “productive, delivers a fair income, provides security in the workplace and social protection for workers and their families, offers prospects for personal development and encourages social interaction, gives people the freedom to express their concerns and organize and participate in the decisions affecting their lives and guarantees equal opportunities and equal treatment for all across the entire lifespan.”

Excitingly, this policy paper was co-authored by Paul Landsbergis, PhD MPH, our esteemed, longtime CSE research associate and Healthy Work Toolkit Principal Investigator. Dr. Landsbergis continues to oversee our Healthy Work Strategies case studies, one of our most valuable resources on, while making an impact on the next generation as an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the SUNY-Downstate School of Public Health in Brooklyn, New York. You can learn more about Paul here.

To read and download the full report, you can access it here.

*Pratap P, Sokas R, Landsbergis P, Lewis N, Porter N, Gascon L, et al. Support Decent Work for All as a Public Health Goal in the United States. American Public Health Association policy document 20223, approved November 7, 2022.


1-18-2023 – HWC Co-Director Peter Schnall Featured in The Good Men Project
1-18-2023 – HWC Co-Director Peter Schnall Featured in The Good Men Project

On January 13th (2023), Healthy Work Campaign Co-Director, Dr. Peter Schnall, was featured in The Good Men Project. According to their About Us page, The Good Men Project’s initial goal was:

to start an international conversation about what it means to be a good man in the 21st century. And with over 3 million visitors coming to join in every month, it looks as if we’ve done exactly that. The Good Men Project was founded by Tom Matlack in 2009. Tom set out to collect stories about the defining moments in men’s lives.

The Good Men Project article on Dr. Schnall dives into his defining moment–when he decided to retire and dedicate his efforts full-time to the Healthy Work Campaign.

Since launching the Campaign in December 2018 and the Healthy Work Survey in 2021, with Dr. Marnie Dobson and their team, and with Dr. Dobson now campaign Director, Dr. Schnall now primarily oversees legal affairs, fundraising, financial stewardship, CSE* Board engagement, project management, and Latin American/Spanish Language Outreach. He also collaborates on many other campaign activities and has become an increasingly in-demand expert on occupational stress and health.

*The Center for Social Epidemiology, which Dr. Schnall continues to direct, remains the founder and sole funding source for the Healthy Work Campaign. To be connected with him for an interview, fundraising proposal, Board membership, or anything else, please email with a subject including “Request for Peter Schnall.”

12-22-22 – HWC Appears in LA Weekly

Just this week, an article about the Healthy Work Campaign and our Healthy Work Survey appeared in LA Weekly: Los Angeles-based Healthy Work Campaign launches free online survey: Helping U.S. organizations reduce work stress and burnout!

“Now is the time for LA to insist on Healthy Work” says Dr. Marnie Dobson of The Healthy Work Campaign… “Working people are in crisis in American workplaces,” says Dr. Dobson. “But we believe workers are the change they are looking for. They can’t do it alone. Work stress is not an individual problem–its root causes are in the workplace. So change needs to be collective and collaborative.”

If you’re an organization or individual who wants to take the Healthy Work Survey, visit

12-16-22 – Dr. Laura Punnett (CPH-NEW) Receives TWH Founders Award

A day ago, our close colleague at CPH-NEW, Dr. Laura Punnett, announced on LinkedIn that she was awarded the Total Worker Health® (TWH) Founder’s Award at the 3rd TWH International Symposium in Bethesda, MD in October.

We congratulate Laura on this great achievement. And in the words of HWC Co-director Dr. Peter Schnall, “Truth is Laura I don’t know anyone in our field who deserves this award more. Congratulations!”

To read Dr. Casey Chosewood’s words about Laura, in giving the award, visit her post.

12-7-22 – NIOSH Total Worker Health Newsletter featured the HWC

Just this week, the NIOSH Total Worker Health® in Action! quarterly newsletter featured the Healthy Work Campaign with the below excerpt:

Healthy Work Pledge Spurs Critical Dialogue

The Healthy Work Campaign, a public health initiative of the Center for Social Epidemiology (a nonprofit and TWH Affiliate), is excited to introduce the Healthy Work Pledge.

Want to know what we mean by “Healthy Work”? Check out the Pledge! The Pledge is designed to start a dialogue between employers, labor unions, government, health and safety professionals, and working people about how to reimagine U.S. workplaces to reduce sources of work stress and improve the health and well-being of workers. The coalition around the Healthy Work Pledge is growing. Sign up as an organization or individual to help build the movement for healthy work.

Click the images below to check out our latest English and Spanish versions of the Healthy Work Pledge graphic.

Healthy Work Pledge graphic in English, by the Healthy Work Campaign    This is the Spanish version of the Healthy Work Pledge graphic.

The TWH newsletter also mentioned “Highlights From the 3rd International Symposium to Advance TWH” with a link to session abstracts, where you can find the abstract from HWC director Dr. Marnie Dobson and co-director Dr. Peter Schnall’s presentation: “The Healthy Work Campaign: Findings from the first year of use of the Healthy Work Survey.”

The Center for Social Epidemiology, the nonprofit supporting the Healthy Work Campaign, is a NIOSH Total Worker Health affiliate. Learn more about the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program here.

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