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12-16-22 – Dr. Laura Punnett (CPH-NEW) Receives TWH Founders Award

A day ago, our close colleague at CPH-NEW, Dr. Laura Punnett, announced on LinkedIn that she was awarded the Total Worker Health® (TWH) Founder’s Award at the 3rd TWH International Symposium in Bethesda, MD in October.

We congratulate Laura on this great achievement. And in the words of HWC Co-director Dr. Peter Schnall, “Truth is Laura I don’t know anyone in our field who deserves this award more. Congratulations!”

To read Dr. Casey Chosewood’s words about Laura, in giving the award, visit her post.

12-7-22 – NIOSH Total Worker Health Newsletter featured the HWC

Just this week, the NIOSH Total Worker Health® in Action! quarterly newsletter featured the Healthy Work Campaign with the below excerpt:

Healthy Work Pledge Spurs Critical Dialogue

The Healthy Work Campaign, a public health initiative of the Center for Social Epidemiology (a nonprofit and TWH Affiliate), is excited to introduce the Healthy Work Pledge.

Want to know what we mean by “Healthy Work”? Check out the Pledge! The Pledge is designed to start a dialogue between employers, labor unions, government, health and safety professionals, and working people about how to reimagine U.S. workplaces to reduce sources of work stress and improve the health and well-being of workers. The coalition around the Healthy Work Pledge is growing. Sign up as an organization or individual to help build the movement for healthy work.

Click the images below to check out our latest English and Spanish versions of the Healthy Work Pledge graphic.

Healthy Work Pledge graphic in English, by the Healthy Work Campaign    This is the Spanish version of the Healthy Work Pledge graphic.

The TWH newsletter also mentioned “Highlights From the 3rd International Symposium to Advance TWH” with a link to session abstracts, where you can find the abstract from HWC director Dr. Marnie Dobson and co-director Dr. Peter Schnall’s presentation: “The Healthy Work Campaign: Findings from the first year of use of the Healthy Work Survey.”

The Center for Social Epidemiology, the nonprofit supporting the Healthy Work Campaign, is a NIOSH Total Worker Health affiliate. Learn more about the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Program here.

11-8-22 – OSHA Launched Workplace Stress Tool w/References to HWC
11-8-22 – OSHA Launched Workplace Stress Tool w/References to HWC

Did you know? Workplace stress has been reported to cause 120,000 deaths in the US each year3.

In early November, the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) launched its first ever comprehensive “Workplace Stress” toolkit, which included this research-backed statistic and much more.

The toolkit provides an overview with key statistics on the impact of workplace stress on health and mental health, as well as the below in-depth resource pages:

This has been a landmark month regarding occupational health–beyond physical hazards. It started with the U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy’s Framework for Mental Health & Wellbeing in the Workplace, launched October 20th, as it paved the path for this OSHA resource.

However, this OSHA “Workplace Stress” resource takes these issues to the next level, including more clearly laying out what is at stake and what organizations can do to monitor and reduce work stressors.

We want to thank OSHA for providing this important resource to the public, as well as featuring the Healthy Work Campaign on a number of pages, including on “Guidance and Tips for Employers”, under “Resources Provided by Other Organizations.”

10-26-22 – Article on Dr. Marnie Dobson Appears in Yahoo Finance
10-26-22 – Article on Dr. Marnie Dobson Appears in Yahoo Finance

Press release: On October 26th, Yahoo! Finance published “Healthy Work Campaign’s New Director Dr. Marnie Dobson Inspires American Workplace Transformation” (from PR Newswire). This article gives an in-depth background on Dr. Dobson, her career, and what motivates her to take the Healthy Work Campaign to the next level.

Marnie is Director of the Healthy Work Campaign and Associate Director of the campaign’s nonprofit, Center for Social Epidemiology based in Los Angeles. Learn more about Marnie here, and visit “Interviews” on our Media page to hear her thoughts in more depth.

9-13-22 – Article on Dr. Peter Schnall Appears in Yahoo News

Press release: On September 13th, Yahoo! Finance published (from PR Newswire), “Dr. Peter Schnall Leaves UCI to Start the Healthy Work Campaign – “Biggest Transformation for American Work”.” This article gives an in-depth background on Dr. Peter Schnall, his career, and why he left the academic world to start the Healthy Work Campaign.

Peter is Co-Director of the Healthy Work Campaign and founder and director of the campaign’s nonprofit, Center for Social Epidemiology based in Los Angeles. Learn more about Peter at his HWC bio here, as well as in his April 26th podcast interview with David Bryan.


9-01-22 – NCOSH Joins Campaign as Partner

We have some really exciting news. The National Council for Occupational Safety and Health (National COSH) recently joined the Healthy Work Campaign (HWC) as our partner.

National COSH is a national leader in the fight for safe, healthy working conditions. Founded in 2004, National COSH works to ensure that all workers can earn their living with dignity and respect and return home alive and well at the end of their shift. Learn more about National COSH here.

Thanks to our new colleague Mark Van Landuyt for facilitating this partnership, along with Jessica E. Martinez and Marcy Goldstein-Gelb of NCOSH. We are truly excited to see how we can support one another’s efforts to improve the lives of working people–and do even more together.

Committed to healthy work and think you would make a great HWC partner? Learn more about the requirements and benefits of partnering with us here.

8-26-22 – HWC Expands Team

This summer, the Healthy Work Campaign team expanded to include:

  • Mark Van Landuyt as Outreach Projects Director
  • George Khouri and Zachary Kern-Schnall (Bander Productions) to oversee social media, web marketing, and PR strategy
  • two new social media managers–Ashley Wilson and Heather Kerrison

With their contributions, our campaign will be able to reach our intended audience much more effectively. We are very excited to have each of them on board and to see how they are already breathing fresh life into the campaign.

Learn about our other amazing team members here. And stay tuned for more great news next week!

4-26-22 – David LeGrande Presented for World Day for Safety & Health at Work Webinar

Today, April 26th, David LeGrande, the Healthy Work Campaign’s Labor Outreach Coordinator & Strategist, made a presentation for a two-day webinar titled, “Safety and Health at Work 2022: Social dialogue and collaboration to build a positive safety and health culture.”

This webinar, organized by CISS and CIESS* in honor of World Day for Safety and Health at Work, aims to connect different perspectives on the workplace, including researchers, workers, union representatives, and international authorities.

David was asked to speak on his efforts in the Labor Movement and what the Healthy Work Campaign has done to address the safety and health concerns of workers.

In addition, David introduced and led participants through the Healthy Work Campaign/ Health Work Survey process, encouraging them to visit to better familiarize themselves with it and use our resources and tools.

*The American Commission for the Prevention of Risks at Work, in coordination with the Research Area of the Inter-American Centre for Social Security Studies

3-29-22 – Better Life Lab Podcast Interview w/Peter & Marnie

Today, March 29th, Peter & Marnie’s “Better Life Lab” podcast interview with Brigid Schulte was published as part of their second series episode titled “American Karoshi — the Problem with Work Stress.”

The podcast is a co-production between New America and Slate, where you can access all the episodes. You can also listen to the episode and find the transcript and detailed show notes here.

Take a listen, and let us know what you think!

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