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12/14/21 – HWC Team Expands with Latin American/Spanish Language Outreach

We are delighted to announce that Juan Gabriel Ocampo has joined our Team as our Strategist for Latin American Outreach and Spanish Language Content Development.

The main goal of this collaboration with colleagues in Colombia (Dr. Viviola Gomez and Sebastian Segura) is to extend HWC resources and tools to increase knowledge and awareness of healthy work and its principles to Spanish-speaking populations within the U.S. and Latin America.

You can read more about Juan Gabriel here. Please let us know if there is a resource you would like to see translated into Spanish sooner than later. We’d love to hear from you.

12/8/21 – HWC Poster Presentation at COSH CON 2021

Yesterday, December 8th, during the second day of the National Conference on Worker Safety & Health 2021, HWC Director Marnie Dobson presented a poster titled “The Healthy Work Campaign: Resources for unions and worker health & safety advocates to measure and prevent work stressors” created by HWC Team members Marnie Dobson, David LeGrande, Paul Landsbergis, Pouran Faghri, and Peter Schnall.

The conference was hosted by the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. Registration is still open for next week’s programming on December 14th through 16th. Click here to see the program outline and register. And please contact us if you want to hear more about our presentation.

10/21/21 – Keynote Presentation at 6th International Seminar on Safe Work, Superior Labor Court, Brazil

Dr. Marnie Dobson was invited to present a keynote presentation for the virtual conference “6th International Seminar on Safe Work” on behalf of the Safe Work Programme of the Superior Labor Justice Council and the Superior Labor Court (CSJT/TST), in Brazil.

The presentation “Promoting Healthy Work during the Global Pandemic and Beyond” was intended for national, regional and inter-institutional managers of the Safe Work Program, to magistrates, prosecutors, labor inspectors, civil servants, teachers, researchers, students, parliamentarians, as well as non-governmental organizations, the business sector and society in general. It was simultaneously translated into Portugese. 

9/14-9/15 – APA-NIOSH Work Stress and Health Virtual conference

The American Psychological Association and the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (APA-NIOSH) Work, Stress, and Health 2021 virtual conference starts tomorrow 9/14 and 9/15.

For a schedule of the online events and to register (at much reduced virtual conference rates), go to the website. Our colleagues Peter Schnall and David LeGrande will be featured speakers on Session 4: Workplace Stress and Recovery on Wednesday, September 15th, 3:30-5pm EST.

9/8/21 – Dr. Dobson’s Podcast Interview w/The Accidental Safety Pro Published

The Accidental safety Pro Podcast,” hosted by Jill James, published their podcast interview with HWC Director Dr. Marnie Dobson about work stress and how it relates to workplace health and safety.

“Through her years of research and analyzing results of work stress, we learn if it is, in fact, an epidemic. Although it can seem impossible to get rid of stress altogether, Dr. Dobson leaves us with solutions and resources to lower work stress in any industry.”

Listen to the podcast episode here, and let us know what you think via or social media.

9/6/21 – Healthy Work Survey for Organizations Launches

On Labor Day, we officially launched our Healthy Work Survey for Organizations, which is the follow-up to the previously released HWS for Individuals posted online in January 2021. This new tool assesses work stressors now with an organizational-level report when administered to a group.

To learn more about our new survey and report, read today’s HWC media release and watch our HWC Survey for Organizations Launch Video.

Request access to the survey through the Survey for Employers page and the Survey for Unions & Worker Advocates page.

8/24/21 – Webinar on the Consequences of Work Stress for Organizations

In case you missed it, on June 25th, 2021, Healthy Work Campaign colleague Laura Punnett presented as part of the Suramericana webinar series on Work, Stress, & Health. The topic of this week’s webinar was re: the Consequences of work stress for organizations.

Laura Punnett is a researcher from the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Massachusetts Lowell. Her work focuses on Occupational Safety and Health. She has experience in the study of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, as well as epidemiological methods for analyzing and interpreting exposures and risks related to work organization. She has published more than 200 scientific articles.

7/9/21 – Webinar on Ideas and Resources for Intervening on Psychosocial Stressors

On Friday July 9, 2021, Healthy Work Campaign co-directors, Dr. Peter Schnall and Dr. Marnie Dobson, and Sebastian Segura from Prax, co-presented a webinar for the Suramericana webinar series on Work, Stress, & Health. The topic of this week’s webinar presented to over 500 participants, was “Ideas and Resources for Intervention on Occupational Psychosocial Risks” and is the 8th presentation in this ten part series. It is available on YouTube for viewing in English or with English or Spanish subtitles here.  We are very excited to be part of this international collaborative effort to address potential strategies and solutions to prevent or reduce psychosocial work stressors in the workplace.

6/18/21 – Webinar on Mental/Psychologial Problems caused by Psychosocial Work Stressors

On June 18th, 2021, Healthy Work Campaign Co-Director Dr. Marnie Dobson presented a webinar on “Mental/Psychological Problems caused by Occupational Psychosocial Risk Factors.” The webinar presentation was part of the “Work, health, stress” virtual education series organized by, Sebastian Segura of Prax, Dr. Viviola Gómez, the HWC Senior Strategist for Latin American Outreach, and the Center for Social Epidemiology, for Suramericana, an insurance company in Colombia.

You can access Marnie’s presentation on YouTube (#5 in the webinar series playlist), where she speaks on the occupational psychosocial risk factors that contribute to the growing mental health epidemic around the world. On June 11th, Dr. Arturo Juarez presented a webinar regarding the burnout syndrome which can also be accessed on YouTube (in Spanish).

You may access the remaining line-up of restricted webinars (to be publicly posted on YouTube after the live presentations) at the conference website. Also, you may learn more about Prax and Suramericana on Peter Schnall’s June 2nd blog on the subject.

6/4/21 – Webinar on Work Organization & CVD for Suramericana, Colombia

On June 4th, 2021, Healthy Work Campaign Co-Director Dr. Peter Schnall presented a webinar as part of the “Work, health stress” virtual education series organized by our Healthy Work Survey collaborator, Sebastian Segura of Prax, an insurance company in Colombia, and Viviola Gómez, the HWC Senior Strategist for Latin American Outreach and Spanish Language Content Development.

You can access Peter’s presentation at this YouTube video (#3 in the webinar series playlist), where he speaks on the physical consequences caused by occupational psychosocial risk factors. Elsewhere in the YouTube playlist, you can access presentations by internationally renowned occupational health researchers Johannes Siegrist (5/21/21) and Robert Karasek (5/28/21).

You may access the remaining line-up of restricted webinars (to be publicly posted on YouTube after the live presentations) at the conference website. Also, you may learn more about Prax and Peter’s thoughts on the collaboration at his June 2nd blog on the subject.

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