HWC Quick FAQs

What is the Healthy Work Campaign?

The Healthy Work Campaign (HWC) is a public health campaign focused on raising awareness in the U.S. about the health impacts of work stress on working people. The campaign also focuses on the positive actions stakeholders (both individuals and organizations) throughout the U.S. can take to advance #healthywork.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to reduce harmful work stressors and improve job quality & health in the U.S. (Visit Mission for more info.)

What is ‘healthy work’?

‘Healthy work’ minimizes toxic work stressors that take a toll on the health and productivity of working people. Healthy work is respectful, just, more sustainable, and promotes health and well-being. (See Research for more info.)

What is ‘unhealthy work’?

‘Unhealthy work’ is a shorthand term for work organized in a way which chronically exposes working people to work stressors. (See Principles of Healthy Work for more info.)

Who started this campaign?

The Center for Social Epidemiology (CSE), a Los Angeles-based non-profit founded in 1988 and which recently joined the NIOSH Total Worker Health® Affiliate Program, initiated and continues to fund this campaign.

Who else is affiliated with the campaign?

See our growing list of Partners, which include Envisia Learning, Optimal Performance Strategies, The Workplace Bullying Institute, and Worksafe.

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