On June 18th, 2021, Healthy Work Campaign Co-Director Dr. Marnie Dobson presented a webinar on “Mental/Psychological Problems caused by Occupational Psychosocial Risk Factors.” The webinar presentation was part of the “Work, health, stress” virtual education series organized by, Sebastian Segura of Prax, Dr. Viviola Gómez, the HWC Senior Strategist for Latin American Outreach, and the Center for Social Epidemiology, for Suramericana, an insurance company in Colombia.

You can access Marnie’s presentation on YouTube (#5 in the webinar series playlist), where she speaks on the occupational psychosocial risk factors that contribute to the growing mental health epidemic around the world. On June 11th, Dr. Arturo Juarez presented a webinar regarding the burnout syndrome which can also be accessed on YouTube (in Spanish).

You may access the remaining line-up of restricted webinars (to be publicly posted on YouTube after the live presentations) at the conference website. Also, you may learn more about Prax and Suramericana on Peter Schnall’s June 2nd blog on the subject.

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