The CSE has been invited by Sebastián Segura (PRAX) and Viviola Gómez (Professor, the Stress and Health Research Group of the Universidad de los Andes) to collaborate with Suramericana — a large Colombian occupational health insurance company that provides workplace insurance to about 30% of the Colombian workforce — in creating an educational program for employees at various companies affiliated with them.  They invited us to provide them with a high-level educational program that  provides employees with an overview of work stress and health.

Over 10 weeks, nine scholars in the field of work stress are giving 1-hour presentations their area of expertise, followed by 30′ of audience discussion. The day following their presentation a webinar will be posted on youtube for public viewing. Opening remarks are in Spanish. Suramericana is adding the presentations, with introductions by Viviola Gomez or Sebastián Segura— to the Prax YouTube Channel. As of today, you can watch

  • “From work stress to mental and physical disease; what we know and what we can do”Johannes Siegrist —  Link 
  • “The demand control model: its implications for the future of work and health.” — Robert KarasekLink
  • “Work Organization and CVD Risk Factors” — Peter Schnall — Link
  • Arturo Juárez
  • Marnie Dobson
  • Laura Punnett
  • Viviola Gómez,Sebastián Seguro
  • Peter Schnall, Marnie Dobson, Sebastián Seguro
  • David Hurtado
Here is the link to the final version of the Prax-suramericana-CSE program describing each presentation. The first three presentations are in English with simultaneous Spanish translations.
Peter Schnall 
Director, Center for Social Epidemiology
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