On this Labor Day weekend, we have to recognize the toll this pandemic has taken on the lives of so many workers. Essential workers, including bus drivers, grocery workers, food processing/meat-packing workers, health care workers and many others have been risking their health or lives working. The federal government has failed in its response, with no overall plan for testing and contact tracing, inconsitent messaging on PPE and masking, and now 186,000 or more deaths, many of which were preventable. Essential workers – many of whom are people of color – are disproportionately exposed to coronavirus on the job, and are also working in jobs that were already highly stressful and related to the chronic illnesses that make individuals more vulnerable to severe symptoms from Covid-19. Healthy work for all has never had more relevance than now during this pandemic.

– @mdf50 – (writing for The Hill:) argues succinctly that workers deserve better.


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