Today, the American Public Health Association (APHA) published a Nov. 2022 policy document titled “Support Decent Work for All as a Public Health Goal in the United States.”*

As stated in the abstract:

The International Labour Organization defines decent work as work that is “productive, delivers a fair income, provides security in the workplace and social protection for workers and their families, offers prospects for personal development and encourages social interaction, gives people the freedom to express their concerns and organize and participate in the decisions affecting their lives and guarantees equal opportunities and equal treatment for all across the entire lifespan.”

Excitingly, this policy paper was co-authored by Paul Landsbergis, PhD MPH, our esteemed, longtime CSE research associate and Healthy Work Toolkit Principal Investigator. Dr. Landsbergis continues to oversee our Healthy Work Strategies case studies, one of our most valuable resources on, while making an impact on the next generation as an Associate Professor in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences at the SUNY-Downstate School of Public Health in Brooklyn, New York. You can learn more about Paul here.

To read and download the full report, you can access it here.

*Pratap P, Sokas R, Landsbergis P, Lewis N, Porter N, Gascon L, et al. Support Decent Work for All as a Public Health Goal in the United States. American Public Health Association policy document 20223, approved November 7, 2022.


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