Workplace conditions for essential workers typically have three characteristics that contribute to increased risk of exposure to the Covid-19 virus and, once infected, more severe illness:

Enclosed spaces
High population density
Persistent work stressors contribute to biological stress which in turn impacts the workers immune system

As a consequence we have multiple, structurally imposed feedback loops

Many workers vulnerable to COVID19.
Many workers exposed to covid-19 at work
Many workers bring iCOVID-19 back to their communities.
Living conditions for essential Workers in lower Social Economic Strata (SES) in particular reflect higher risk. Food workers, bus drivers, health workers, factory workers, meat packing plants, service workers, etc. are more likely to
have low paid jobs that frequently involve working in close quarters with others
have co-morbid conditions due to SES, living conditions and stressful work
are more likely to be exposed to work stressors that suppress their immune systems increasing their vulnerability to the covid virus.

Addressing the epidemic also requires making changes at the workplace to protect workers, especially essential workers!

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