Work is essential to our health and well-being. We depend on our jobs, ideally, to pay the bills and provide for our family, to use our skills and education, to advance and grow, and sometimes to even give us a sense of purpose and belonging.

Did you know  More than 120,000 deaths per year are associated with how U.S. companies manage workers.1

We know from over 40 years of scientific research that work stress is not just in your head—it is caused by the way our work is organized.

We all experience stressful work at times. But the everyday stress of long work hours, high demands, low job control, job insecurity, and a lack of fairness or work-family conflict, can pose a real threat to your health, well-being and even life span, increasing your risk for burnout, depression, high blood pressure and even heart disease. (See Principles of Healthy Work to learn more.)

Costs of Unhealthy Work to Individuals

Unhealthy work also adds to the cost of healthcare – already in the trillions of dollars in the U.S. The costs of health problems related to work stress are being passed on to you in terms of higher healthcare premiums and deductibles, making access to healthcare more out of reach than ever.

While it makes sense to ensure we all have healthy work to save costs and save lives, most of us also consider healthy and safe work to be a human right, and we must account for the impact work stress has on our children, family, communities and nation. (Read Stats to Know – Costs to Individuals to learn more.)

If we want healthy people,
we need healthy work.

The Healthy Work Campaign (HWC) is committed to sharing with you what we have learned about healthy and unhealthy work (and its costs), as well as providing solutions. We are asking you to TAKE PART in changing our work culture and the way work is organized in the U.S.  With our resources and new assessment tools, as well as your commitment to healthy work, together we can begin to change work for the better.

See our MISSION page to get the story behind our commitment to healthy work and the resources below to MAKE A DIFFERENCE in your life and your work.

Is Your Work Healthy?

See our Principles of Healthy Work & take the Healthy Work Survey to find out.

What Can You Do About Unhealthy Work?

Use our Healthy Work Tools & Share Your Story.

How Can You Do More?

Join the Movement

Sign the Pledge

Advocate for Healthy Work



1. Goh, Pfeffer and Zenios. “The Relationship Between Workplace Stressors and Mortality and Health Costs in the United States.” Management Science, 2015

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