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The Healthy Work Campaign aims to inspire action from all #healthywork stakeholders, so we can make healthy work a reality in our workplaces, communities and throughout our nation.

With your support, we can begin to challenge unhealthy work practices and promote healthy work solutions to improve well-being and reduce mental health problems and chronic illnesses.

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PLEDGE Your Support – Sign the pledge to support the Healthy Work Campaign.

SHARE Your Story – Whether you’re speaking as an individual or for your organization, we want to hear about 1) your experiences at work that you would describe as “stressful” or “toxic” or which may have negatively affected your health and well-being, as well as 2) your success stories about how you achieved healthier work or promoted a healthy organization.

When you share your story, you give us an opportunity to learn and make #healthywork possible. (Not sure? Check out some of Your Work Stories.)

PARTNER with Us – If your organization is ready to pledge support for our campaign and collaborate on achieving our shared goals, we would love you to apply to become our partner. (Not sure? Check out our Partners.)

ADVOCATE for Healthy Work – If you or your organization still want to do more to promote healthy work in your workplace, community and throughout the U.S., take our suggested #healthywork advocacy steps, including sharing our Healthy Work Agenda and more.

DONATE – If you value our assessment tools and other resources to improve job quality and health, and want to ensure that we’re able to continue to provide helpful resources to individuals, employers and labor organizations, please visit our Donate page and consider giving what you can.

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