Share Your Story – Terms and Conditions

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Age Requirement: By submitting to the “Share Your Story” form, you verify that you are at least 16 years old.

Privacy: We will never publicly use your personal information provided in the “Share Your Story” form except your first name, occupation and U.S. state if you choose to share those personal identifiers with us. If you choose to provide us with other detailed info, such as your last name, we will never publish those items on our website, in our articles, or elsewhere without your express written consent.

Your safety and well-being are our first concern. If providing your full name or likeness (photo/portrait) would in any way risk either, please do not share them. If you want to share your story, but prefer to go by a pseudonym for added security, please specify that, and we will keep your full name confidential. Or you can elect not to provide your first and last name at all.

Legal limitations: We suggest that you not publicly share any information (such as your current employer’s name) that would compromise you in any way. If you choose to do so, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. Also, please do not disclose the names of your coworkers, friends, or family without their permission.

Photos: We welcome you, if you wish, to provide a scene from your work (which you have permission to share) or photo of your face to stand up for #healthywork. However, we are required, by law and good conscience, to ask you not share any pictures depicting violence, nudity or other content inappropriate for children and youth.

Media Release: We will require you to sign an additional release form granting your approval to use your story in any media recording of your story for published podcasts, short videos, or long-form documentary films.

Consent: By submitting to the “Share Your Story” form, you verify that all the information and content you provide is true and accurate.

If you submit your story to our “Share Your Story” form, you accept the terms and conditions of, especially this page, and consent that the Healthy Work Campaign, the Center for Social Epidemiology (its parent non-profit organization), and all its trusted successors and assigns, can use your story and name (to the degree you have specified in the form), in perpetuity, on, in the promotion of our “Share Your Story” page (or its equivalent if/when renamed) on our social media channels, and anonymously in our Healthy Work Now articles.

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Share Your Story

¿Hablas español? Lee una traducción de esta página aquí.

Work stories: we all have one. What’s yours?

Have you ever had a job or an experience at work that you would describe as “stressful” or “toxic” or that may have negatively affected your health and well-being? Or maybe you had an experience with healthy, engaging work, or you were part of workplace change that achieved “healthier work” policies or practices that you would like to share.

Read Work Stories here!

The Healthy Work Campaign is looking for your stories about work to share on the HWC website (and potentially for use in our multimedia content and feature-length documentary). You are welcome to submit stories anonymously or using a pseudonym. Your stories will help us all LEARN what healthy and unhealthy work looks like in different types of jobs throughout the U.S. Please write a paragraph or two about your work-related experiences.

Add Your Voice & Share Your Story here!

By sharing your stories, you are adding your voice to inspire others to TAKE ACTION.

Please note that submitting your story is not a guarantee we will publish your story in part or in full.

“Share Your Story” Terms & Conditions ()

Thank you for visiting our website, taking the time to read through these terms, and sharing your work story. We understand that sharing your work stories may not be easy for some. But your diverse work stories and perspectives will contribute to spreading awareness about the impact of unhealthy work and how it affects so many of us.

Read more on our TAKE ACTION page for other ways you can stand for #healthywork. Thanks again!

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