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11-29-23 – Increasing Wages Will Lead to Healthier Work and Healthier Workers (press release)

Today, the Healthy Work Campaign sent out a press release titled “Increasing Wages Will Lead to Healthier Work and Healthier Workers.” Thus far, it has been featured in Yahoo! Finance, MarketWatch, and Business Chief.

The Healthy Work Campaign applauds California for leading the way in 2023 to ensure fair, living wages for healthcare and fast-food workers. Signed into law in September and October 2023 by Governor Newsom, the two new statutes will raise the minimum wage to $25/hour for all healthcare workers and $20/hour for fast-food workers as of April 2024…The Healthy Work Campaign urges other states to follow California’s lead, to improve economic justice and the health of low-income workers throughout the U.S.”


The Workplace Causes Loneliness

by Marnie Dobson Zimmerman, PhD & Peter Schnall, MD MPH*

The Workplace Causes Loneliness article imageHalf of adults in the United States experience loneliness, and it was increasing even before the pandemic’s social isolation. Social relationships and adequate social support are key social determinants of health. Loneliness not only has consequences for mental health, contributing to and worsening depression and anxiety, but also to physical health, increasing your risk of heart disease, stroke, and dementia. The connection of loneliness to premature death is startling. The impact of being socially disconnected is equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day, even greater than obesity and physical inactivity. COVID exacerbated social disconnection and loneliness, making an already alarming mental health crisis even worse…

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December 2023 Events – COSHCON in Baltimore

Start date: November 29, 2023
End date: December 8, 2023
All-day event

We’re excited to re-announce our only scheduled public appearance for December–at COSHCON 2023 – December 6-8, 2023 (Baltimore, MD).

Stressed at work?  Stop by our booth to learn how to assess your work-related stress and implement healthy work policies and programs to tackle it.

Our Director for Labor Outreach Strategy, David LeGrande, will be manning our booth at The Expo Dec. 6th-7th, assisted by a staff member from Worksafe, a Healthy Work campaign partner.

The National Conference on Worker Safety and Health (COSHCON2023) is hosted by our partner National Coalition for Occupational Safety in Health (NCOSH) and is in person this year. Registration is still open! Check out their conference flyer here and their updated conference schedule here.

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Team Roles, Employers page, Media, etc. – July 2023

Interested in what we’ve been up to since our last post? In late July, we updated these healthywork.org pages as follows:

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