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Media – Newsletter Greetings

Recently, we added to our Media page a HWC Newsletter Greetings section, where we have listed our two recent newsletter intro videos, a new addition to our periodical newsletters.

Screenshot of the Media page's new section called "HWC Newsletter Greetings"

In these, you will hear Healthy Work Campaign directors Marnie Dobson and Peter Schnall mention the free resources and tools we have available, as well as Workers Memorial Day and what needs to change to make healthy work possible for working people.

Media – Webinars & Podcast Interview

In March, our newest web content included updates to our Media page and Events page.

On our Media page, we added to our webinars and podcasts as follows:

Using the Healthy Work Survey for Organizations March 2nd, 2022 webinar video screenshot

Addressing Worker Mental Health: The Healthy Work Campaign March 16th, 2022 webinar video screenshot

Better Life Lab March 29th, 2022 podcast preview screenshot

Please check out our Events page for previous and upcoming events, and keep checking back. We have a number of 2022 events previously posted that will reappear in the coming weeks, as well as new events we we plan to feature.

Worker Stories

We have recently updated our “Your Work Stories” page–with new content and a new name, “Worker Stories.”

The new content you will find includes:

  • an “In Your Words” section–with first-hand accounts from workers on the work stressors that challenged their health and well-being–and what was needed to change them, and
  • a “Reporting on Worker Health” section–curated articles reporting on working conditions impacting worker health and safety today.

You can find this updated page at the same URL,


We have recently updated our Media page, found under our Resources, to greatly expand our media content beyond our WOE Videos section. Not long ago, we added an HWC Videos section, where you can find educational videos about the Healthy Work Survey. And just recently, we expanded our Webinars/Presentations section to include many more video presentations, as well as added a new Interviews section, which features a TV news interview and a podcast interview with our campaign director, Dr. Marnie Dobson.

Please take a look at our Media page and let us know if there is any other type of content you would like to see in this section.

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