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Team Roles, Employers page, Media, etc. – July 2023

Interested in what we’ve been up to since our last post? In late July, we updated these pages as follows:

Healthy Work Tools & Strategies – Feb 2023

Struggling to find solutions to challenges and stressors at your workplace? Look no further than our Healthy Work Strategies page, recently updated with two new case study summaries:

Under “Labor-Management Contracts”

Under “Laws and Regulations”

Both PDF’s are also now on our Tools for Unions & Worker Advocates page and the second case study is also on our Tools for Employers page.

Dr. Paul Landsbergis compiled both of these case studies with an emphasis to assist those in education and healthcare to find solutions to their workplace challenges.

Have a suggestion for a case study or resource for our Tools pages? Email us at .

Healthy Work Pledge – Mobile Friendly & New Slides

Looking for slides or graphics to share with your team, group, or community about what healthy work really looks like? We got you!

Check out our Pledge page from a mobile device, tablet, or computer (with your window at 50% width). Our web designer Amy just updated it to make it mobile-friendly, using sliders, and added some new graphics we created to boot. Pop your popcorn, and check out our new slideshows.

Here’s a sneak preview:

Why Healthy Work

Have a suggestion for an organization or individual to contact regarding the Pledge? Or have an idea for a graphic you would use if we created it? Email us at .

Healthy Work Tools & Strategies

Ever wonder if anyone else has found solutions to challenges and stressors similar to those at your workplace? Look no further than our Healthy Work Strategies page, which we recently updated with two new case studies:

Under “Labor-Management Contracts”

Under “Laws and Regulations”

We also added the first case study to our Tools for Employers and Tools for Unions & Worker Advocates page and the second case study to our Tools for Employers page.

Both of these case studies summarize and feature findings from “Work-related psychosocial risks in the healthcare and long-term care sectors”, a November 2022 report by The European Trade Union Institute.

Have a suggestion for a case study or resource for our Tools pages? Email us at .

Stats & Infographics and Tools for Individuals

To close out the year, we have recently updated our Stats & Infographics page with these graphics:

Healthy Work is Good for Business

We also updated our Healthy Work Tools for Individuals page with a new organization, Helping Survivors. See “FIRST – Learn about strategies…” Open that section and then scroll down to and open: “Prevent workplace bullying, sexual harassment, and discrimination.”

FIRST - Learn about strategies that address work stressors.

If you have a resource to suggest we add to our website, email us at . And thanks!

Media, Pledge, Survey, & more

We are very excited to inform you of our latest website updates:

1. Our Media page with two panel discussion webinars:

Thanks to everyone who attended and participated in these. A very special thanks to Julie Mendez-de Leon of AFGE for participating in Breaking Down Burnout.

2. Our Pledge page with:

This is the Spanish version of the Healthy Work Pledge graphic.

We could not have completed the Spanish version without the assistance of our Spanish Language Content & Strategy team, Viviola Gómez-Ortiz and Juan Gabriel Ocampo Palacio.

3. Our website header with:

“a project of the Center for Social Epidemiology” under “Healthy Work Campaign”–to clarify the connection between the two.

4. Adding

Thanks to our associates at Bander Productions, we recently launched, a targeted landing page created to educate and encourage more use of our Healthy Work Survey–for individuals, as well as organizations.

Check out these resources, let us know what you think, and please share among your networks. #healthywork #healthypeople

Infographics & Pledge Page

Recently, we updated our Stats & Infographics page (under Resources) with a number of new infographics:

And more! We also switched things up and put the most recent ones at the top of the Infographics section. You’re welcome.

This is a preview of's Stats & Infographics page - revised Infographics section.

And just this week, we updated our Pledge page (under Take Action) to include a new Healthy Work Pledge graphic which outlines 10 components of healthy work and asks individuals and organizations to sign the pledge to show their support for healthy work (instead of the Healthy Work Campaign explicitly).

Sign the Healthy Work Pledge and let us know what you think!

Media – Newsletter Greetings

Recently, we added to our Media page a HWC Newsletter Greetings section, where we have listed our two recent newsletter intro videos, a new addition to our periodical newsletters.

Screenshot of the Media page's new section called "HWC Newsletter Greetings"

In these, you will hear Healthy Work Campaign directors Marnie Dobson and Peter Schnall mention the free resources and tools we have available, as well as Workers Memorial Day and what needs to change to make healthy work possible for working people.

Media – Webinars & Podcast Interview

In March, our newest web content included updates to our Media page and Events page.

On our Media page, we added to our webinars and podcasts as follows:

Using the Healthy Work Survey for Organizations March 2nd, 2022 webinar video screenshot

Addressing Worker Mental Health: The Healthy Work Campaign March 16th, 2022 webinar video screenshot

Better Life Lab March 29th, 2022 podcast preview screenshot

Please check out our Events page for previous and upcoming events, and keep checking back. We have a number of 2022 events previously posted that will reappear in the coming weeks, as well as new events we we plan to feature.

Worker Stories

We have recently updated our “Your Work Stories” page–with new content and a new name, “Worker Stories.”

The new content you will find includes:

  • an “In Your Words” section–with first-hand accounts from workers on the work stressors that challenged their health and well-being–and what was needed to change them, and
  • a “Reporting on Worker Health” section–curated articles reporting on working conditions impacting worker health and safety today.

You can find this updated page at the same URL,

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