Urban bus driving is a highly stressful occupation. Even now during Covid-19 these essential workers are on the front lines, risking exposure helping to transport people where they need to be. In the best of times, bus drivers need to be highly vigilant to avoid accidents and injuries to themselves and the public. Vigilance is stressful and results in bus drivers having some of the highest rates of hypertension of any occupation. Driving is also a highly sedentary job, often for long hours.

The following 3 new case studies appear on our Healthy Work Strategies page and are great summaries of programs in the US that have been implemented to reduce work stress among bus drivers, provide much needed bathroom access, and to prevent threats and violence against drivers.

Programs and policies to reduce work stress among bus drivers in the United States and Canada

Bathroom access for bus drivers in the US and Canada

Preventing threats and violence against bus drivers

The Healthy Work Campaign would like to acknowledge the work of our associate Dr. Paul Landsbergis and students at SUNY Downstate School of Public Health for their excellent research and collaboration with leaders in the transit industry to create these case studies.



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